Friday, April 13, 2012

My Magic Manifesting Journal


Last month I went to the Martha Beck Life Coach Summit in Phoenix, where I learned all kinds of new fantastic stuff that I want to pass on to you.
The best tool I learned was from Law of Attraction Coach, Jeannette Maw- who told us she learned it from author and speaker, Gregg Braden.
It's something called the Pray Rain Journal, which I renamed the Magic Manifesting Journal.
This tool has changed my life!
What you do is write one page a day about what you want to happen, but you write it in the present tense- as if it's already happened.
You start with phrases like, "I am.. I have...I enjoy..." and add your vision of what you'd like your life to be like. 
I absolutely hate journaling, and I have many different notebooks in my house with three pages written in them because I didn't follow through on whatever my big idea for writing was. 
I have actually kept this up for a month, which I am sure is a record. 
There is something about saying what you want, putting it on paper and out into the Universe that is a powerful vehicle for manifesting what your heart desires.
When I am writing in it, I feel like I have a magic wand.
At first, I had to suspend belief while writing and blow smoke up my own ass about what was "happening". 
I must have done a great job, because every single thing I wrote in the first week happened, and I had no good reason to think any of it would. 
It focused my intention on what I wanted, and made me feel more courageous to go after it.  
Seeing it on paper as done, even though what I wrote hadn't happened yet seemed to set up an expectation in my brain that it would be done.
I believe it also sent a message to the Universe that I was ready for what I was asking for.
Since starting this magical journal, I have manifested some amazing things- a place in a small, prestigious and full training program that had chosen it's participants a month prior, tickets to an event that I wanted to go to, and a private meeting with a person that I idolize. 
Writing in the journal puts me in an emotional space where I feel powerful, abundant and expectant of great things.  
After putting my intention out there, I look for ways to make my hopes a reality. I am in the process of co-creating  with the Universe, rather than sitting around waiting for things to fall into my lap. 
I am really looking forward to seeing what else I can create using this new habit. 
It forces me to dream big!
Start your own Magic Manifesting Journal and share your success stories in the comments.  Happy manifesting!