Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disappointed? Bummed Out? Recalculate and Get Over It!

Putting out a new offering can feel like giving birth.

It’s a lotta work, it’s tiring, it hurts, and when it’s over, your love your baby.

Then you want everyone else to love your baby as much as you do.

And then we are bummed out when everybody doesn’t come to the hospital immediately to worship our baby!

Fellow life coach extraordinaire Mary Welty-Dapkus and I had this great idea to facilitate an all day workshop on the chakra system (it’s one of the most important aspects of your wellbeing that you may not know much about) called “Camp Chakra”.

Mary came up with a kick-ass logo, I created a witty marketing page, we both designed a beautiful workbook, lesson plan, group activity and craft project.

We’ve spent weeks preparing the best possible experience we can for our participants, and we really believe in our approach to the information we are sharing.

We both promoted the heck out of the event to all our people, and then some!

Everyone we talked to about it thought it was a cool idea and loads said they wanted to attend.

But with only five days before the event we had four people signed up to attend- hardly the “camp” experience we had envisioned.

Camp needs campers, yes?

Were we disappointed? Yes.

Bummed out? Kinda.

Defeated? Almost…until we decided to get over it.

Our egos can really mess with us- tell us BS stories about how much we suck, how we aren’t good enough, how maybe we should just go die and eat some worms….

Give up? Hell no!

Mary and I made like a GPS, and decided to recalculate.

We just postponed the date, to October 20th- to give all the people who told us that they wanted to come a little more notice.

And guess what? We already have more campers- happy campers!!!

Timing really is everything.

So the next time you work really hard on a project, or a diet, or a relationship, and you find yourself disappointed with the results- get up, dust yourself off, and get over it.

Sometimes it’s not about YOU.

Sometimes, the timing is wrong.

Sometimes maybe you just need to recalculate….tweak it, freshen it up, try something new.

But don’t give up.

Your success may be just around the bend where you can’t quite see it yet.

Happy trails campers!

(If you are interested in taking the energy expedition that is “Camp Chakra”- sign up HERE, class is limited to 20)

Monday, September 2, 2013

I Made Contact!

I hope you all had a great summer and you are excited about the coming change of seasons. I had the time of my life a few weeks ago when several friends and I went to Laguna Beach for a week-long class on mediumship with James Van Praagh. 
It was like psychic summer camp! 
For 5 straight days we received readings and gave readings- it was fantastic!
And I am thrilled to say that all of us made contact with “the other side”.
It sounds so dramatic, maybe even scary- but I am here to tell you that it was neither.
Here was my experience…

*I did not physically see any spirits, I “saw” impressions that came into my mind’s eye.
*Talking to spirits is not actually dramatic, it’s much like talking to anyone else, but it’s harder to see and hear what they are saying!
*Dead does not mean smart or necessarily evolved. Spirits retain their personalities that they had on Earth. Pushy in life, pushy in the after life!
*You don’t always hear from the person you think you will. The spirit is in charge of whether that happens.
*It’s hard work on the spirit’s part to communicate a clear message, and some spirits are more skilled at it than others.
*You can learn to communicate with your loved ones in spirit by dismissing the mind chatter and focusing on the heart to heart connection you feel.

I was amazed at our ability to receive and communicate credible evidential details from spirits!
As in, “I see a blonde lady named Pat who says she’s 57 when she passed away and she had a lot of trouble with her stomach, she’s calling you “Lynnie”.
I think she’s your aunt, and she is telling me something about your real estate.”
Turns out it was the client’s (Linda) Aunt Pat, who called her niece “Lynnie”, died at 57, plagued with stomach trouble, and she left Linda her HOUSE!
Not too shabby for a beginner J

So what has all this talking to the dead taught me?
It’s reaffirmed my belief in the afterlife, and reignited my passion for teaching people how to use and trust their intuition.
Intuition is the language of the soul, and I can’t think of a more important language to be fluent in.

I’d love to hear any spirit communication stories you have!