Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cultivating JOY!

The holiday season is upon us and I can't think of a better topic to talk about than cultivating joy.
It's the common desire I hear the most from my clients.
Some tell me they aren't sure if they know what true joy feels like.
Joy is the feeling you get when your heart is full, your body feels light, and you lose track of time. That's it.
It doesn't have to feel like ecstasy, just JOY! 

Dr. Martha Beck wrote a book called "The Joy Diet" in which she says there are ten ingredients for joy: 
nothing, truth, desire, creativity, risk, treats, play, laughter, connection, and feasting.
Some of these ingredients may sound strange to
you, but there's a method to her madness.

Nothing is actually just doing nothing for 15 minutes a day. Call it meditation if you like, but it's the time to quiet the unruly mind and become still.

Truth is uncovering the real feelings you have that you are pretending not to know.
Yes, I said pretending.
As in, making something ok that actually isn't.
A huge dose of truth is essential to joy- even though it may be painful at first to allow.

Desire is the truth about what you really really reallywant. Follow the bread crumb trail of your desires to joy!

Creativity is the antithesis of stagnation.
Find new solutions to your problems, drive home a different way from work, do tasks in a different order, or pull out some art supplies and go wild. 

Risk is doing more things that scare you, make you nervous, or feel somewhat out of character. You'll be amazed at how alive you feel when you break out of your patterns.

Treats are, well- treats! They don't have to be food treats. Think of them as random acts of kindness that you perform for yourself!

Play is critical for cultivating joy.
All work and no play does indeed make Jack a very dull boy. Go do fun stuff- that's called playing.

Laughter is the best medicine- we all know that. Make sure you are deliberate about more laughter in your life- go to a comedy club, see a funny movie, play with your dog, or watch You Tube videos.

Connection is KEY to joy. 
Put down your phone, open up your heart and really look at and converse with someone you care about.

Feasting is nourishing your spirit with celebrations and gratitude-or pie, there's always pie. 

Put all of these ingredients together and you've got a recipe for goodness- soak it in!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Healing Mojo

Did you know that there is a data base of everything that’s ever happened to you stored in your chakra system? Emotions that are not processed fully get stuck in your energetic body like nasty hair clogs in a drain. Even the beliefs you hold about yourself are stored there. Really, it’s true! If you have some pain going on in your life that you would like to detach from, please consider learning more about your chakra system.

(Listen to what Dr. Oz has to say about chakras HERE)

I am really excited to announce a new service that I am providing.  Psychic massage therapist Carolyn Ulitsky and I have pioneered a new energy healing modality that incorporates several dynamics at once. You will lie down on a comfortable massage table, clothes on and face up.

We begin with an intuitive reading of your chakra system. We scan these energetic centers to assess any issues that are impeding your physical or emotional health and wellbeing. We weave in Reiki and aromatherapy to assist your body’s own healing ability.  Past life issues affecting you today are often addressed, and we work with your spirit guides and angels to bring you into alignment with your most optimal health.  We can see where you are being drained, and give you strategies to combat that drainage. Carolyn monitors your cranio sacral flow and energy meridians while I gently use mind/body coaching techniques to increase your sense of clarity, vitality and peace of mind. We often find the hidden energetic patterns that are causing pain. It’s like a deep cleaning for your soul!

How do you know if this would be beneficial for you? Well, if you are someone who is interested in experiencing more joy and less pain and overall stuck-ness, this process is for you! Each appointment lasts a little over 90 minutes, and right now Carolyn and I are only facilitating this “healing mojo” as we’ve been calling it on Fridays. Our fee is $250 for the session.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the Healing Mojo experience…

“ I had an amazing healing session with Keisha and her partner Carolyn on Friday! It was very deep and powerful. These 2 women are truly working magic! I wish you could all experience it.”

“The sack of potatoes I've been carrying on my back has lifted. So I feel lighter and simultaneously stronger- thanks again!”

“Besides my cold leaving, all my toe pain is completely gone!”

"That was absolutely incredible, I feel so light! Thank you both so much."

“I felt completely safe with you guys. There is some powerful healing going on.”

Sign up for Healing Mojo on my website here...HERE.

Email me at to make an appointment.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disappointed? Bummed Out? Recalculate and Get Over It!

Putting out a new offering can feel like giving birth.

It’s a lotta work, it’s tiring, it hurts, and when it’s over, your love your baby.

Then you want everyone else to love your baby as much as you do.

And then we are bummed out when everybody doesn’t come to the hospital immediately to worship our baby!

Fellow life coach extraordinaire Mary Welty-Dapkus and I had this great idea to facilitate an all day workshop on the chakra system (it’s one of the most important aspects of your wellbeing that you may not know much about) called “Camp Chakra”.

Mary came up with a kick-ass logo, I created a witty marketing page, we both designed a beautiful workbook, lesson plan, group activity and craft project.

We’ve spent weeks preparing the best possible experience we can for our participants, and we really believe in our approach to the information we are sharing.

We both promoted the heck out of the event to all our people, and then some!

Everyone we talked to about it thought it was a cool idea and loads said they wanted to attend.

But with only five days before the event we had four people signed up to attend- hardly the “camp” experience we had envisioned.

Camp needs campers, yes?

Were we disappointed? Yes.

Bummed out? Kinda.

Defeated? Almost…until we decided to get over it.

Our egos can really mess with us- tell us BS stories about how much we suck, how we aren’t good enough, how maybe we should just go die and eat some worms….

Give up? Hell no!

Mary and I made like a GPS, and decided to recalculate.

We just postponed the date, to October 20th- to give all the people who told us that they wanted to come a little more notice.

And guess what? We already have more campers- happy campers!!!

Timing really is everything.

So the next time you work really hard on a project, or a diet, or a relationship, and you find yourself disappointed with the results- get up, dust yourself off, and get over it.

Sometimes it’s not about YOU.

Sometimes, the timing is wrong.

Sometimes maybe you just need to recalculate….tweak it, freshen it up, try something new.

But don’t give up.

Your success may be just around the bend where you can’t quite see it yet.

Happy trails campers!

(If you are interested in taking the energy expedition that is “Camp Chakra”- sign up HERE, class is limited to 20)

Monday, September 2, 2013

I Made Contact!

I hope you all had a great summer and you are excited about the coming change of seasons. I had the time of my life a few weeks ago when several friends and I went to Laguna Beach for a week-long class on mediumship with James Van Praagh. 
It was like psychic summer camp! 
For 5 straight days we received readings and gave readings- it was fantastic!
And I am thrilled to say that all of us made contact with “the other side”.
It sounds so dramatic, maybe even scary- but I am here to tell you that it was neither.
Here was my experience…

*I did not physically see any spirits, I “saw” impressions that came into my mind’s eye.
*Talking to spirits is not actually dramatic, it’s much like talking to anyone else, but it’s harder to see and hear what they are saying!
*Dead does not mean smart or necessarily evolved. Spirits retain their personalities that they had on Earth. Pushy in life, pushy in the after life!
*You don’t always hear from the person you think you will. The spirit is in charge of whether that happens.
*It’s hard work on the spirit’s part to communicate a clear message, and some spirits are more skilled at it than others.
*You can learn to communicate with your loved ones in spirit by dismissing the mind chatter and focusing on the heart to heart connection you feel.

I was amazed at our ability to receive and communicate credible evidential details from spirits!
As in, “I see a blonde lady named Pat who says she’s 57 when she passed away and she had a lot of trouble with her stomach, she’s calling you “Lynnie”.
I think she’s your aunt, and she is telling me something about your real estate.”
Turns out it was the client’s (Linda) Aunt Pat, who called her niece “Lynnie”, died at 57, plagued with stomach trouble, and she left Linda her HOUSE!
Not too shabby for a beginner J

So what has all this talking to the dead taught me?
It’s reaffirmed my belief in the afterlife, and reignited my passion for teaching people how to use and trust their intuition.
Intuition is the language of the soul, and I can’t think of a more important language to be fluent in.

I’d love to hear any spirit communication stories you have!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Maybe I Will See Dead People

Last year around this time I was sporting some bright pink streaks in my hair.

I was having fun by being myself and playing around outside my comfort zone. 

This year I’m doing that in a whole new way- not with silly hair, but by taking a class that is wayyyyy outside most people’s view of “normal.”

But that’s how I roll, so here it is…I’m going to Laguna Beach in August to take an intensive weeklong class in mediumship.

As in, learning to talk to dead people.

Like “Long Island Medium” without the long nails and helmet hair.

I’ll be learning from a very famous and well respected (if you’re into this sort of thing) medium James Van Praagh.

I’ve followed his work for 20 years, and I love that he helps people with their grief and how he teaches about spirituality with so much love and so little ego.

I’ve had so many people ask me why mediumship fascinates me so much.

I’ll tell you why- it validates my belief in the after life.

I love how hearing a message from a departed loved one can help a grieving person with the healing process.

It proves to me that this is not all there is- that our existence has meaning and purpose beyond our every day life and that our spirits survive long after our bodies are gone.

It’s the next step on my intuitive journey.

This year I’ve learned even more new tools for reading energy that have broadened my career scope and deepened my skills as an intuitive coach.

I’ve always wanted to take this class, but I’ve never given myself permission.

When my friend Ama told me she was taking it, at first I was a little jealous.

And then I remembered what I tell my clients about jealousy…

“If you’re jealous of someone else, don’t be mad at yourself.  Let it be a sign that tells you what you want.”

Well that desire spoke to me loud and clear through my jealousy, and I started the process of breaking down all of my crappy thoughts that I was thinking about why now is not a good time to take this class.

“I can always learn later.”
“It’s too far away. Maybe someday he’ll come up here and teach it.”
“I shouldn’t spend the money on tuition and travel right now.”
“It’s kind of self-indulgent.”

When I hit on that last one, I knew it was time to call my own bluff.

The fact that it felt self-indulgent was how I knew it was good for me to put my money where my mouth is.

It feels so fabulous, exciting and nurturing to my soul to allow myself this gift.

Now Ama and I have two other friends (yay Carolyn and Mike!) going with us, and my husband Alex is coming to Laguna to do some art business with the galleries in the area.

Win, win, win!

We’re meeting Mike’s wife, our good friend and Reiki master Chellie Kammermeyer, for a day in Catalina- and we’ll be stopping over in Santa Barbara for my birthday before heading home.

Happy birthday to me!

So, I’m telling you all of this not just to keep you abreast of my summer plans, but to encourage you to do that thing that you keep saying you want to do, but just haven’t done it yet.

And to really own who you are and what you are interested in, even if you might be judged or ridiculed for it.

Because even if you lose a few people as a result of being true to you, I promise you there will be many more who will gravitate toward you because they really dig who you are and what you do.

Go forth and own your inner weirdo!

You are worth being “self-indulgent”.

If you don’t indulge yourself, who will?