Saturday, November 2, 2013

Healing Mojo

Did you know that there is a data base of everything that’s ever happened to you stored in your chakra system? Emotions that are not processed fully get stuck in your energetic body like nasty hair clogs in a drain. Even the beliefs you hold about yourself are stored there. Really, it’s true! If you have some pain going on in your life that you would like to detach from, please consider learning more about your chakra system.

(Listen to what Dr. Oz has to say about chakras HERE)

I am really excited to announce a new service that I am providing.  Psychic massage therapist Carolyn Ulitsky and I have pioneered a new energy healing modality that incorporates several dynamics at once. You will lie down on a comfortable massage table, clothes on and face up.

We begin with an intuitive reading of your chakra system. We scan these energetic centers to assess any issues that are impeding your physical or emotional health and wellbeing. We weave in Reiki and aromatherapy to assist your body’s own healing ability.  Past life issues affecting you today are often addressed, and we work with your spirit guides and angels to bring you into alignment with your most optimal health.  We can see where you are being drained, and give you strategies to combat that drainage. Carolyn monitors your cranio sacral flow and energy meridians while I gently use mind/body coaching techniques to increase your sense of clarity, vitality and peace of mind. We often find the hidden energetic patterns that are causing pain. It’s like a deep cleaning for your soul!

How do you know if this would be beneficial for you? Well, if you are someone who is interested in experiencing more joy and less pain and overall stuck-ness, this process is for you! Each appointment lasts a little over 90 minutes, and right now Carolyn and I are only facilitating this “healing mojo” as we’ve been calling it on Fridays. Our fee is $250 for the session.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the Healing Mojo experience…

“ I had an amazing healing session with Keisha and her partner Carolyn on Friday! It was very deep and powerful. These 2 women are truly working magic! I wish you could all experience it.”

“The sack of potatoes I've been carrying on my back has lifted. So I feel lighter and simultaneously stronger- thanks again!”

“Besides my cold leaving, all my toe pain is completely gone!”

"That was absolutely incredible, I feel so light! Thank you both so much."

“I felt completely safe with you guys. There is some powerful healing going on.”

Sign up for Healing Mojo on my website here...HERE.

Email me at to make an appointment.

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