Friday, August 31, 2012

Keisha Goes To The Gym- Yes, Hell Has Frozen Over.

Most of you know that I started working out with a personal trainer last month. 

As a former gym-o-phobic (I blame my satanic middle school gym teachers), it took just the right trainer to make me feel comfortable enough to conquer this fear. 

I needed someone who was just the right combination of loving, yet ass-kicking.  
Enter Michelle Adams, personal trainer.(

I met her when she attended one of my monthly life coaching meetup groups, and I found her to be sweet, genuine, and approachable. 

She found just the right group of three other lovely women for me to train with and my  journey to fitness is now underway.  

I thought you might enjoy some of the shitty thoughts that have crossed my mind in the last month while working out, and how I chose to turn them around into positives.  

Shitty thought No. 1-
"I am going to look like a total dork in my ugly workout wear, and I should wait until I am smaller to buy anything cute to exercise in."

Replacement thought-
"Get your ass to the store and buy a few comfy things you like in pretty colors so that you somewhat look forward to getting to the gym."

Shitty thought No.2-
"There are going to be a bunch of perfect looking gym rat Barbies there,  and I'll be completely intimidated and want to run home, hide under the covers and eat 3 sleeves of Oreos."

Replacement thought-
"Stop judging yourself and start doing something about your health, dammit."

Shitty thought No. 3-
"Wow, I'm pretty lame because this lady, Candy, next to me is a 60 year old grandma and 
she is doing way harder stuff than I am."

Replacement thought-
"Make working out part of your life, Keisha, and when you are 60, you'll still be smokin' hot like Candy. She's an awesome role model of what's possible!"

Shitty thought No. 4-
"People who hire personal trainers are self-absorbed, shallow and superior."

Replacement thought-
"This lady, Shere', in my group is one of the nicest, most down to earth, loving and kind people I've ever met. Stop lying."

Shitty thought No. 5-
"You can't do this. It's too hard, and maybe you're too old."

Replacement thought-

Don't misunderstand me here, this is still not easy.

But it is getting a bit easier every session, even though there has been some physical discomfort getting used to the weight training.

I have almost no body awareness in my back and chest which can be downright hilarious when poor Michelle is trying to correct my form. 

"You want me to put what? Where? Wait, show me again. Yes, again." 

I already feel stronger and my husband, Alex, says he can feel my muscles forming. 

And, when I actually do something about what I complain about (in this case, my fitness level), the mean girl who lives in my head and berates me shuts her trap and chills out.  

Amazing how that works.

Bottom line- if there is an area of your life that you are unhappy about, do something about it. 

Make a commitment to yourself and enlist help from a friend or a professional. 

Sometimes it's hard to kick your own ass.

Sometimes it's worth it to hire someone to kick it for you. 


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