Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Am The Mojo Whisperer

I love nothing more than to help people get their mojo back. In fact, it's the request I get most from new clients. I've realized from coaching hundreds of people over the last four years, that finding, coaxing and magnifying mojo is actually what I do best. It's my gift.
I can coax mojo out of the darndest places. Places where most of us forget to look, or have lost the map to entirely. Honestly, I have yet to find a person that I cannot identify their own unique mojo potion.
Most people have an idea of what mojo is- confidence, swag, spirit, luck. I have a little different take on it. I believe mojo is your
M- Magical
O- Original
J-   Joyful
O- Offering to the world
And the more you engage your magical, original, joyful offering to the world, the more your mojo multiplies.  The moment you recognize what constitutes your own mojo -begin using it in everything you do. No more conforming, no more making yourself small, no more doubting your gifts. You may not  believe this, but an integral part of your mojo is probably something that you've tried to change about yourself- to make it easier to fit in.  The one thing that is universal about our mojo- it is built on a foundation of authenticity. Always. 
I love mojo whispering so much, I've decided to re-brand my business to reflect my identification with it. I am also declaring out loud that I am writing a book on the process of magnifying your mojo. Yes, I am. A daunting, terrifying and exciting undertaking to be sure. But I believe that I will rise to the challenge. Wish me luck!

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