Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Are You Proud Of?

The new year is upon us and everyone is making their resolutions.
Maybe you've already broken yours!
I'll give you a short cut to resolutions- make it practical and specific.
Keep the reason why you are making the resolution at the top of your mind.

I propose that you go about this resolution business a different way.
Take a look back at the last year and notice what you accomplished.
I'll bet that there are a few things that you may not have thought you could ever do.
There are so many things we have to be proud of...

Starting a new career or business.
Surviving a nasty divorce.
Running a half marathon.
Overcoming an addiction.
Falling in love again.
Dealing with a significant health challenge.
Honing a new skill.
Learning to talk to dead people...

Oh wait -maybe that's just me. HA!

Anyway... just look at what you survived.
And how you thrived in 2013.
Now give yourself a pat on the back and get to work.
Get to work on new aspirations for yourself.
Dream big, bigger than you have before.
Let go of confining "rules" about how you should do things- and blaze your own path.
Summon up your courage and call upon your mojo.
Go after what you really want.
And if you want help, I'm here for you.
We can build a plan together.
But more importantly, just take the first step.
You've got this!

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