Saturday, June 22, 2013

Are you afraid to get what you want?


I am a card-carrying Anglophile.

I absolutely LOVE anything English!

Come to my house and you will see every sort of London décor possible- crowns, union jack teapots, and Big Bens.

There are red double decker buses and quaint English phone booths.

Alex and I are both half English by descent, and would be thrilled to build and live in a castle one day.

To fulfill a life long dream, we are planning a trip to London next summer.

We've brought the kids to Europe twice before, and Alex and I went to London and Paris alone in 2000.

I've been dying to go back and bring the kids with us since then!

My son, Tyler, will be graduating from college and my son, Cristian, will be graduating from high school.

To commemorate the occasion- we’ve been planning to do it up big! 

Now the day is finally here when we can use our frequent flyer miles, decide on where to stay, and plan our sight seeing agenda.

As the impending vacation became more and more real, and less of a “someday”- I noticed something.

I was questioning my choice to go to England.

I thought, “You know, maybe it would be fun to go to France, or Holland, or maybe back to Mexico.”

I started investigating other cities on other continents.

Then I realized what was happening.

 I was afraid to get what I wanted.

Seriously…I realized that I was much more comfortable with the idea of spending two weeks and boat load of cash to visit where our ancestors lived, than the actuality of it.

 It was almost as if it was better to be in a state of wanting than in a state of receiving. 

I found that I am not alone in this bizarre quandary.

I see clients all the time that are just about to get what they want, and they start to pull the emergency brake.

Out of fear. Fear of what?

Fear of realizing their dreams.

Fear of success.

Fear of how their lives will change when they get what they want.

Then what will happen?

Being on the edge of a dream coming true is scary, and no one tells us about that.

We wonder if it will live up to it’s expectations.

We wonder what will be next once we transition from a state of desire into the state of receiving. 

It’s all about the chase.

Where do you find yourself putting the brakes on when you are in serious danger of making your dream come true?

How do you see yourself holding back to keep the tension of anticipation alive?

When are you stonewalling and staying on the outside looking in?

Now that I’m on to my own tricky game, I’m calling it’s bluff.

We are making the reservations, and we will enjoy this trip with all the gusto we have.

My family is very excited about all that we will see and discover.

It’s OK to cash in your chips, people.

Don’t hoard your dreams to live them out “someday”.

There is a new dream just around the corner…

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